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Frequently Asked Questions

How loud is the siren?

The Audible Siren on the KATANA Safety Arc emits a loud alarm at approximately 125dbs.

Phone Charging - Wireless/Induction Charging

If you attach the Arc to a case, the case could be easily removed and induction charging would then be possible.

The intent is to always have your Arc attached to your phone, making it always with you when the phone is.

Should the need arise, the adhesive is made to remain sticky and can be transferred (though we don’t recommend attaching and removing the actual Arc more than 5 times). Also, flexible cases make removing the Arc easier.

Use caution when removing if attached directly to your smart phone

Does KATANA Safety work internationally?

As of now, the service we provide has only been tested in the United States as our dispatching technology is tied to US coordinates. We do, however, plan to expand globally in the future.

What are the Measurements- Weight and Size of the KATANA Arc

The KATANA Safety Arc is roughly: 2-1/4 w x 3-3/4 h, (7/16" depth/thickness) and weighs 1.5 oz or 43 grams.

Will The KATANA Safety Arc adhere to a Silicone Case?

The Arc's 3m adhesive is designed to stick to most materials, but it sometimes has an issue sticking to silicone cases.

How can I reset my KATANA Safety Arc if it’s just not working?

On the back of your Arc, there is a reset button. It is in the small hole in the top left corner (see #7 in the diagram below). Since it is on the side of the Arc attached to your phone/case, you'll need to first remove the Arc. Then, gently insert a paperclip into the hole and press and release the small reset button. The Arc should then blink red and be ready to pair.


Is the KATANA Safety Arc waterproof?

The KATANA Safety Arc is splash and water resistant, but not waterproof. Keep your Arc away from water and never submerge it.

If I’m connected to my KATANA Safety Arc via bluetooth, can I be connected to other devices via bluetooth at the same time (like my car, speakers, etc?)

Yes. You can be connected to multiple devices at the same time, but you can only be connected to one Arc at a time.

Can I give my KATANA Safety Arc to someone else?

Yes. Technically, you can remove your Arc and give it to someone else,but then you would be missing a very important layer of defense!

The KATANA Safety Arc is one of the three layers of KATANA Safety, along side The KATANA Safety Response Center and The KATANA Safety App.

Instead, you can quickly purchase a new KATANA Safety Arc by going to our web site:

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Do the members of my KATANA Safety Circle need to download the app?

No. All communication from you to your KATANA Safety Circle is via text message or email. They do not need the app to be in your circle.

I’m trying to set up the KATANA Safety App and it’s asking me for a code. How do I find my code?

When setting up your KATANA Safety profile within the App, you will be prompted to enter your phone number. One you save the profile a text (SMS) message will be sent to the number you provided. This text will include the verification code necessary to continue your set up.  

Is the KATANA Safety App Free? Can I use the app without purchasing the KATANA Safety Arc?

The KATANA Safety App is a free download from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

To take advantage of the full suite of services offered (The Three Layers of Defense) within the KATANA Safety platform a *subscription is required. The Three Layers of Defense are:


  1. The KATANA Safety Arc: With the purchase of an Arc, you have a quick trigger that both activates a loud audible alarm which bypassing your home screen initiates the KATANA Safety App. The APP immediately transmits your location to our 24/7 Emergency Response Center Team.
  2. *The 24/7 Response Center Team monitors alert situations, identifies your location and provides verbal assistance. They are your first tier of support and if necessary, the team will dispatch the appropriate emergency services and can engage your circle.
  3. The KATANA App allows subscribers to build a *“Circle Of Seven”. This group of trusted friends and family members serve as your secondary tier of support in an alert situation. Immediately after dispatching emergency services, the KATANA 24/7 Emergency Response Team will engage your KATANA Safety Circle by sending a map of your location and placing circle members into a conference call to develop a plan of action.

* Subscription Required

Does keeping the Katana app running wear out the battery on my phone?

Apple and Google operating systems have become very efficient at managing individual app battery consumption, plus our app was designed and optimized to only use your battery when we need it…during an alert only.

What else do I need to do to ensure my system is always armed?

Remember these important requirements: 1) Always keep your Bluetooth and Location Services ON 2) While not required to trigger an alert, we recommend that you Keep your KATANA App running on your phone 3) Have an active data plan and or be connected to WIFI 4) Allow KATANA to send you notifications.

Do I need to keep the Katana app open at all times for Katana to work?

KATANA Safety does not require the App to be open in the background for the technology to deploy.  However, for optimal performance we strongly suggest you keep the KATANA App running in the background. While closing the App still allows an alert to trigger, you’re relying on secondary connectivity which may impact both speed of alert and location accuracy.

Can my Circle members speak to the Response Center?

No. The KATANA Safety Response Center can only call the person who sent the alert.

However, if the operator is not able to reach you or you request it, your circle will be notified of the alert. They will receive a text message and the circle will be joined to each other via a conference call that allows them to discuss best support options with each other.


When will my KATANA Safety Circle receive a message if I trigger an alert?

This will depend on your level of KATANA Safety support.

Your Circle is one of the three layers of Defense with KATANA Safety. It along with the KATANA Safety Arc (Purchase here) and the KATANA Safety Response Center (purchase a subscription in your app) work to provide a peace of mind that lets you better enjoy your opportunities.

Those with a subscription to the Response Center, after triggering an alert, will receive a call from a KATANA Safety Response Center Operator. These professionally trained individuals will attempt to get in touch with you to determine your situation and offer assistance. If they are unable to reach you (three call attempts), they WILL notify your circle. If they are able to reach you and you're in an emergency, they will ask if you want your circle notified.

For those who do not have a subscription to the KATANA Safety Response Center or fail to answer the call from the Response Center when an alert is triggered, your circle will be notified via text messages and phone calls.



Do the members of my KATANA Safety Circle need to have an Arc or download the app to receive my alerts?

No - the members of your circle do not need to own an Arc or download the app. All communication from you to your KATANA Safety Circle is via text message or email. They do not need to app to be in your circle.

How do I choose my KATANA Safety Circle members?

Choose close friends or family that you trust to help you if you are feeling unsafe. The majority of them should be close to you in proximity but some can be further away if you simply want them to be notified.

How many people can I have in my KATANA Safety Circle?

At minimum you must have at least one person added as a KATANA Safety Circle member.

The maximum you can add is seven people, this gives you a balance of opportunity for support from your trusted friends and family.

Is the KATANA Safety Response Center ever closed?

No. They are available to you 24/7.

Can the KATANA Safety Response Center call local emergency services on my behalf?

Yes. If you trigger an alert and verbally communicate that you need assistance or if you fail to answer the Response Center's call after triggering an alert, the response center can dispatch local emergency services to your last know location.

Does the KATANA Safety Response Center know my location?

Yes, but they will only see it if you trigger an alert.

Alerts-What do KATANA Safety alerts look like?

Alerts come to you in two ways: text message and phone call. An alert via text message looks like this:

Clicking on the "Tap to load preview" link will reveal a map of the KATANA Safety user’s location like you see below.  


This is where you can show your availability to assist by choosing: "I can help" or "I cannot help." Also, you see who else has been notified and whether they can help.

Your phone will ring and prompt you to stay on the phone to be joined in a conference call with other Circle members so that together, you can coordinate next steps.

I've received an alert, what should I do?

When you receive a KATANA Safety alert from someone, they are counting on you to help in whatever capacity you can — whether that’s by contacting them via phone call, alerting those closest to their location of the situation, or contacting local authorities or emergency services for them.

Your first step upon receiving and alert is to open the text message you receive. From this, find the users location and determine your ability to support. If you can help, click the “I can help” button. This will notify the user and other Circle members that you can help. Your phone will ring and you will be added into a shared conference call so that together you can coordinate next steps. It’s all part of a bigger plan in which we share responsibility for each other’s safety.

When will KATANA Safety Circle members receive an alert?

You will receive an alert when someone who has added you to their KATANA Safety Circle triggers an alert (Audible,Silent or Walk With Me) and either asks that their circle be notified, fails to respond to calls from the KATANA Safety Response Center or hasn't subscribed to the Response Center. If the circle is engaged, text messages and phone calls will be sent to circle members.




What are the responsibilities of being in someone’s KATANA Safety Circle?

By agreeing to be in someone’s KATANA Safety Circle, you are committing to be there for them in situations where they feel unsafe.

What's your return policy?

We want you to be extremely happy with your product and if you are not, you are welcome to return or exchange it within 60 days of purchase by presenting a copy of your receipt. Simply contact us here. Our customer support team will be happy to walk you through the return/exchange process.

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